PART III: Pros and Cons

+ fully manual (for those who like it), works without battery
+ very consistent exposure meter
small size
+ sturdy, extremely well built body
+ mechanical robustness. Quantitative tests show to be one of Nikon's most reliable cameras. Its durability is claimed to be 100 000 exposures and above; that is about 2800 rolls film-when will you shoot that much?! :)
+ very good weather sealing around film chamber-door
+ the strap holders are at perfect positions; very well balanced especially with standard lenses
+ high flash sync speed (1/250sec.)
+ high max. shutter speed (especially unique considering the age of the camera)
+ multiple exposure option
+ DOF preview lever
+ self-timer
+ mirror lock-up (via self-timer lever)
+ probably the best value for the money on the market

- fully manual (for those who do not like it)
- long shutter time lag
- no spotmeter
- no TTL flash metering
- poor eye relief

Overall: It is just a camera. It serves me well. As an exchange I love it! :)

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R. Jacobs, Oregon said...

I was able to buy a "Mint" condition FM-2n off of ebay last year. It was not cheap, but worth every penny. These babies are built to LAST! And I recommend them to any serious Photographer.